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Karel (Karl) Grohmann, Ph.D.,
Principal Investigator
Dr. Karel (Karl)  Grohmann has been a chemical engineer, scientist and research leader for over four decades. He has managed numerous research teams for various laboratories such as the U.S. (USDA/ARS) Citrus and Subtropical Products Research Laboratory in Winter Haven, FL and National Renewable Energy Laboratory ( formerly Solar Energy Research Institute) in Golden,CO. His research projects at USDA/ARS were concentrated on the conversion of citrus processing wastes to ethanol and other value added products. Dr. Grohmann was also a section manager of Applied Biological Sciences Section and acting branch chief for the Biotechnology Branch at Solar Energy Research Institute where his team of 20 researchers focused on the development of bioconversion processes for the production of fuels and chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass on bench and pilot plants scale. Dr. Grohmann was initially a Senior Scientist and Senior Research Fellow at the Jet propulsion Laboratory and California Institute of Technology where he was involved in the development of bioconversion processes and in molecular biology. His scientific background is in chemistry and biotechnology.

Dr. Grohmann has authored or co-authored 133 peer reviewed publications and possesses 16 patents in his fields of study.

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